Two more dry days, some showers, then much colder weather ahead

Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 3:09 PM PST
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Today turned out much sunnier than expected in the metro area. But that was just the metro area; most of us west of the Cascades north and south of Portland have been stuck in the clouds or fog all day. Late this afternoon a push of clouds coming south out of Washington has put an end to the sunshine. These clouds will linger through the night and into Wednesday morning. Another round of morning clouds and fog is on tap for Thursday. The end result is two days of at least partly cloudy skies, even foggy at times, with some afternoon sun in spots. We remain dry through Thursday.

A weak weather system arrives Friday for very light rain at times along with cloudy skies. A few showers linger Saturday and into Saturday night.

A much colder Canadian airmass will be moving into the Pacific Northwest from the north and northeast Saturday night. When it arrives, those Saturday night showers should change to snow, but some of our more reliable models say it’ll be mainly dry by the time it’s cold enough for sticking snow. It’s always a tough forecast in this case because MOST of the time we end up with some snow in the air (Saturday night) and that’s it. So we’ll call it “morning flurries” leftover Sunday, although there’s a decent chance Sunday will be totally dry…and cold.

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That cold airmass settles over us Sunday through at least Tuesday next week. At this time it appears that most likely we’ll be dry during that time. We do NOT expect a repeat of the strong east wind this time and temperatures should be about 10 degrees warmer than what we experienced just before Christmas. That’s highs in the mid-upper 30s instead of mid-20s. Still, after a month of mild weather, you can expect a sharp change to much colder temperatures the last 3 days of January!