Gabi Moultrie making a name for herself on basketball court at Wilsonville HS

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 7:13 AM PST
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WILSONVILLE, Ore. (KPTV) - While her big sister is a teenage superstar professional soccer player for the Portland Thorns, Gabi Moultrie is starring in her own role on the basketball court at Wilsonville High School.

With a name like Moultrie, you have to be good.

“Obviously with Olivia, she’s put a very high standard on the last name, which is cool! I’ll be walking around somewhere and, ‘Oh! Are you Olivia Moultrie?’ ‘No, I am actually her younger sister,’” Gabi said. “We do look very alike.”

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Gabi, 15, is carving out a name for herself during freshman year at Wilsonville High School.

“The best thing for me is to one day someone ask her, ‘Are you Gabi Moultrie’s sister?’” she said.

Born in Utah, the Moultrie’s moved to Oregon by way of Santa Clarita, California, as her big sister, Olivia, went to chase a professional soccer dream four years ago.

“For me, growing up, it’s so normal for me. She has always been so good. She has been playing with 18-year-olds since she was 11. I grew up playing soccer until I was about 7 and then I was like, basketball is definitely for me,” Gabi said.

Gabi the guard is leader of the pack for the tenth ranked 5A Wildcats while averaging 20-points per game and firing at a near 40% clip from three-point range.

“It’s pretty unique. She is obviously a special talent,” said Justin Duke, head coach for Wilsonville girls basketball team. “We’ve put more on her shoulders than probably any other kid I have coached or has come through here and she’s handled it really well. She has a great support system at home.”

Home is where the pro lifestyle is.

“Our whole family, we work really hard but watching her is a really good example to me,” said Gabi, “Because, I just got home from school and practice, I am tired. ‘Olivia is doing Pilates downstairs, go do it with her. Olivia is a lift downstairs, go do it with her.’”

Separated by two years, the sibling stars shoot to celebrate each other’s success.

“Her offseason is my season, so it aligns perfectly for us. She will come to my games and support me, and that is when people will be taking pictures with her, but she is there to be with me and then I go to her games and I support her,” Gabi said.

What a time capsule moment it was last summer as Olivia scored her first career National Women’s Soccer League goal for the Thorns - the youngest to ever do it in the league at the age of 16.

“It’s just fun to say, ‘Hey, do you want to come watch my sister play a professional soccer game tonight?’ I think that is so cool to say,” said Gabi.

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Another cool thing to say? Potentially bringing the first state title banner for the Wilsonville girls’ program in 20 years.

“That’s my goal, always. Right now, it’s win league and then go win a state championship,” she said.

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