Court documents paint chilling picture of drugs, rape, prostitution at Hillsboro bikini coffee stand

Dream Girls coffee stand in Hillsboro, Oregon owned by 61-year-old Jeffery Scott Hebner. He is...
Dream Girls coffee stand in Hillsboro, Oregon owned by 61-year-old Jeffery Scott Hebner. He is charged with several counts including sexual assault and prostitution.(KPTV)
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 12:53 PM PST
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HILLSBORO, Ore. (KPTV) – Court documents paint a chilling picture of the inner workings of a bikini barista coffee stand in Hillsboro including drugs, sexual abuse and prostitution.

Jeffery Scott Hebner, 61, the owner of Dream Girl Espresso on Tualatin Valley Highway was arrested last week on three counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, six counts of first-degree sexual abuse, four counts of private indecency, two counts of first-degree rape, public indecency, four counts of commercial sexual solicitation, two counts of solicitation to commit crime, strangulation, and attempt to commit crime - rape.

Court documents made public this week accuse him of drugging and sexually abusing former applicants and employees dating back to at least 2015.

According to the filings, eight women, all who did not know each other, came forward and accused Hebner of the crimes and since the story went public last week 14 more women have contacted police about Hebner.

Police said they talked to all the reported victims separately and many of their descriptions included the same behaviors and patterns.

In November last year a 19-year-old woman reported Hebner to police describing a job interview she experienced which prompted police to begin their investigation.

The following victim reports are sexually graphic and describe sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised.

The 19-year-old victim, which the court refers to as K.C., said once she was inside, he locked the door and began explaining that job requirements included nudity and masturbation at certain price points, referred to as ‘’naughty coffees.’’

Hebner then allegedly then told K.C. to undress so he could see what she looked like and demanded she perform for him as she would a customer so he could help her to maximize her tips. The victim reported that she felt trapped and afraid of what he might do if she didn’t obey.

Heber then allegedly offered K.C. shots of liquor and lines of cocaine cut and displayed on a specific geode-type platter described by other victims, which she declined.

According to the court documents, Hebner eventually forcibly touched K.C. all over her body and sexually assaulted her.

After police received the victim’s report they began surveillance of the espresso stand in an attempt to witness the public indecency acts referred to as “naughty coffees” on video and they talked to previous employees and interviewees.

A 20-year-old victim who the court calls J.A. was an interviewee who also unexpectedly followed an address to Hebner’s home instead of the espresso stand in 2019. Very similarly to K.C.’s ordeal, J.A. was offered shots of liquor and lines of cocaine, which she declined, and was ordered to undress and perform for him, which led to forcible attempted rape, strangulation and numerous unwanted sexual contacts. J.A. reported her abuse and received a rape kit.

Several other former employees reportedly corroborated the “naughty coffee” performances and reported that he made it clear that it was a part of the job. These young women reportedly said that between $400 and $700 could be made in tips per shift, a cut of which Hebner took “for the house.”

Additionally, the court documents reported that Hebner would frequently visit the stand and order his own “naughty coffees,” which included him masturbating in front of them.

Hebner must appear in court on February 8 for a hearing regarding pre-trial release. Due to his accusations of violent offences against women, the State has asked that he not be released.

Hebner’s defense attorney submitted a motion to leave the case on February 7 because it would violate an ethical rule.

Investigators believe there are more victims and encourage anyone who may have been victimized by Hebner to come forward and contact the Hillsboro Police Department at 503-629-0111.