Salem-Keizer School District incoming superintendent visits district

Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 4:45 PM PDT
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SALEM Ore. (KPTV) - A new chapter will begin next year in the Salem-Keizer School District with Andrea Castañeda stepping in as the new superintendent.

On Tuesday she made one of her first visits to the district to get better acquainted with students and staff.

The Salem Keizer Education Association, the union representing district staff, says teachers are looking forward to their new superintendent stepping into her role, filling the shoes of outgoing superintendent Christy Perry, who is retiring. Maraline Ellis, the vice president of the union, says bouncing back from Covid-19 has taken a toll in the classroom, and she is hopeful the next superintendent will continue the momentum of solving these issues.

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“We need a safe environment, we need to have some protocols around safety and injury, and need additional support for those children who are just acting out because of needs,” said Ellis. “And it sure seems to be connected somehow to that time we spent in distance learning, when we were all remote for so long.”

Incoming superintendent Andrea Castañeda currently serves as Chief Talent and Equity Officer for Tulsa Public Schools in Oklahoma. She says she is taking the spring months to make frequent visits to Salem Keizer School district to get to know students and staff better before stepping into her new role.

“The issues I’m treating as a priority are learning,” said Castañeda.  “Everywhere I go I’m just trying to ask students, ask staff, ask adults, ‘what are you most proud of? And what are you most excited about?’ If what I do over the next few months is complete a very thorough learning agenda, I’ll have done the most important first step.”

Castañeda will take over as superintendent on July 1.