Portland firefighters rescue dog after it fell into 10-foot-deep sinkhole

Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 6:28 AM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - A walk in the backyard took a scary turn for a family dog when a sinkhole suddenly opened up.

Crews worked to rescue the dog that was stuck for more than two hours in the 10-foot-deep hole -- and it was all caught on camera.

Her family said it was a scary situation on Saturday, and they tell Fox 12 neighbors tried to help rescue the dog before crews arrived.

Bug is 13-years-old and her family said Bug got her name from her love of chasing things.

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“Like chasing ants or something. She was doing something kind of silly, so I think part of her name came from that,” Kate Hoffman, Bug’s owner, said.

But on Saturday evening, Bug went on an unplanned adventure just before 6 p.m.

“Out of the corner of my eye, caught kind of like a hole or a dark spot,” Hoffman said. “It was about 10-feet-deep so it took a minute, and when I looked all the way down. She was very cute. She was sitting at the bottom looking up.”

Hoffman said Bug was trapped in a sinkhole in the backyard and stayed remarkably calm. And neighbors rushed over to help.

“I had to like lay on my stomach to lay it in, and even when we got to the bottom of the whole, I could barely reach the ladder anymore, it was so far down there,” Michael Koopman, a neighbor who helped rescue the dog, said.

“I went down first and fortunately Bug seemed just fine. She wasn’t barking at all, which really surprised me. We didn’t see any injuries, so I put on a harness,” Roger Wykes, another neighbor who helped in Bug’s rescue, said.

They weren’t able to lift all 86 pounds of Bug to safety, but that harness would later help in Bug’s rescue. Portland Fire & Rescue crews brought Bug back up to safety.

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“Hook the harness and pull her up. And then they used ropes, so I think they pulled her up two different points. So, kind of worried, they didn’t want to hurt her. And they did a great job,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman said thankfully, she bounced right back to being Bug.

“She loves to chase the cat, went right to chasing the cat,” Hoffman said. “A very happy ending for everyone.”

As for the cause? Hoffman said experts will be coming to inspect the sinkhole in a few days.