Oregon is the most Starbucks-obsessed state, new study says

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Published: Apr. 17, 2023 at 11:29 AM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Do you need your daily Starbucks fix before you can function? If you live in Oregon the chances are pretty good, according to a new study.

Oregon is the most Starbucks-obsessed state in the U.S. according to researchers at the price-tracking website Pricelisto.com.

The researchers counted the number of Starbucks outlets in each state and rated them in proportion to the number of residents per store.

Oregon has the most Starbucks locations in the US, according to the data. Residents seeking a caffeine fix have 401 options, which means there is one store for every 10,450 people in the state, the highest rate in the country.

Starbucks ranked per capita in the U.S.
Starbucks ranked per capita in the U.S.(Pricelisto.com)

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Following closely behind is Washington state, ranked as having the second most Starbucks stores. The state has 711 Starbucks locations, meaning there is one store per 10,710 residents.

Nevada is the state with the third highest Starbucks obsession. Nevada has a total of 276 shops, which equates to one store for every 10,994 persons.

Colorado ranked fourth among states in terms of Starbucks obsession. With 493 Starbucks outlets, it ranks tenth in the United States, accounting for 3.09% of all Starbucks locations. The state has one Starbucks location for every 11,552 persons.

Despite having the most Starbucks stores in the United States (3,087), California ranks fifth on the list. The state accounts for 19.3% of all Starbucks locations in the country, with one Starbucks shop for every 12,814 California people.

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Despite having only 0.7% of the total number of Starbucks stores in the country, Hawaii ranks sixth on the list. The state has a population of 1,440,196 people, therefore there is one Starbucks location for every 12,858 people.

Arizona is the eighth most Starbucks-crazed state in the United States. It has the sixth-most Starbucks locations in any state, accounting for 3.47% of all Starbucks locations in the US. Arizona has one store for every 12,945 persons, with a population of 7,171,646.

Virginia is ranked seventh on the list. The state boasts one Starbucks shop for every 16,800 citizens and has the eighth-highest number of locations (507) in the US, accounting for around 3.18% of all Starbucks stores in the US.

With one Starbucks location for every 18,200 citizens, Maryland is the sixth most Starbucks-obsessed state. The state has 332 Starbucks outlets, accounting for 2.08% of all Starbucks locations in the country.

New Mexico is the eighth most Starbucks-obsessed state. Despite accounting for only 0.71% of Starbucks locations in the United States, New Mexico has one Starbucks shop for every 18,543 residents.

America has the largest coffee market worldwide and this is clearly reflected in the number of Starbucks stores across the country,” a spokesperson for the researchers said. “To put it into perspective, we calculated 15,852 Starbucks stores across the US, whilst there are just over 2,500 stores throughout Europe. The sheer difference in these numbers shows the extreme demand for Starbucks in America. "