There’s no more plastic bags at Walmart stores in Oregon, Washington

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Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 10:29 AM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Starting this week, Oregon and Washington State Walmart stores no longer provide single-use plastic bags.

Walmart said the decision was made in an effort to eliminate waste by removing plastic carryout bags from all stores in the state for checkout and pickup. The policy took effect on Tuesday, April 18.

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Walmart stores in Washington and Oregon will no longer provide plastic bags at checkout or pickup, encouraging customers to use reusable bags or containers.

To make the transition easier for its customers, Walmart says it will continue to offer a wide array of reusable bags and containers throughout stores and at checkout areas for purchase.

Stores have also added signs, social posts on store Facebook pages, and messaging on the Walmart App to remind customers of the upcoming changes.

Additionally, Walmart says it’s easy for customers to recycle their end-of-life plastic and reusable bags by providing recycling containers located in the store’s vestibule area.

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As of October 2021, Washington state law banned single-use plastic bags, and Oregon banned single-use plastic bags in January of 2020. Now Walmart is taking it a step further by eliminating all single-use plastic and paper bags at checkouts across both states.

“Eliminating single-use bags is part of our effort to reduce waste at our stores and help keep communities and ecosystems clean,” said Jane Ewing, senior vice president of Walmart Sustainability.