High School Spotlight: Lincoln High’s twin ace Cards

Published: Apr. 23, 2023 at 10:45 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Twins Luke and Hailey Cordry are both senior leaders on the Cardinals’ diamond in the rebuilt grounds of Portland’s Lincoln High School.

Hailey is captain of the Cards’ softball team as an All-PIL first teamer at shortstop and one of the top skiers on the West Coast, while centerfielder Luke was a member of Lincoln’s back-to-back state ski championships.

“Growing up, our mom really got us into the mountain, obviously in skiing from a young age, and also baseball,” Luke says. “That is thanks to our mom.”

After fighting breast cancer for years, it was ovarian cancer that took their mother Mindy in March of 2021.

“She was definitely a fighter,” Luke says. “Oh, yeah,” Hailey agrees.

Luke says the twins grew even closer after their mom died.

“It’s always been ‘Luke and Hailey,’ you know?” Luke says. “I think it’s really funny because people are like, ‘Oh, my gosh! What’s it like having a twin?’ I’m like, ‘what’s it like not having a twin?” Hailey says.

Hailey says they make an effort to check in with each other.

“Like, we weren’t together on the anniversary of her passing at two years, he was doing baseball and I was able to be with our family,” Hailey says. “I made sure to go grab a flower bouquet for her, for him, so that we could put it on her grave. We kind of came to the consensus that like, ‘hey, this is happening and we’re going to be better to each other for now on.”

The twins also score points books with GPAs in the 4.0 range, so the Cordry kids just may wind up at the same college too. “Maybe,” Luke says. “maybe,” Hailey agrees.

That is to be decided after this senior season with the Cardinals’ hometown nine. Hailey “My mom was also number 9, so, it’s both for me and for her, well, now it’s for her,” Hailey says. Mindy is no doubt proud of her aces with the Cards. The newly re-built Lincoln High School certainly is very slick but the Cards just wish they had a baseball and softball field, turf, grass and whatever, wherever to play, to call home as they’ve been bouncing all over town to city parks and out in Hillsboro as well in this wet start to the spring sports season.