The puzzling search for a Vancouver family’s stolen SUV

A Vancouver family's stolen SUV has been spotted around town allegedly with different state plates, and even hitting a police cruiser.
Published: May. 23, 2023 at 11:35 PM PDT
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VANCOUVER, Wash (KPTV) - One Vancouver family has been without their car since Mother’s Day.

Recently, they believe someone may have spotted it but it would have meant the thieves did something odd, as the timeline of events insists the culprits switched the license plate back and forth several times.

The Loiselle family learned their black Escalade was stolen during their morning routine when one of the four children came running into their home, “and he goes,” Luke Loiselle explained, ‘where’s the car?’ I’m like, ‘it’s in the driveway.’ ‘It’s not there,’” his son responded. “‘What do you mean,’” Loiselle asked. “That pit in your stomach. It obviously didn’t go somewhere on its own.”

“It feels like a violation,” Heather Loiselle added, “because we’ve never had something like this happen before. It’s shocking and you don’t know what to do in those instances.”

She said they started by calling the police and filing a report, and then they went out and began looking for themselves, and eventually, they posted photos on social media.

“I really didn’t think anyone was going to recognize it,” Heather said, “but I hoped they would.”

A few days ago, someone sent Heather a video of what she believes is her car, “I opened it up, and I’m like, ‘that looks like my car.’”

However, the plates are from Colorado and not Washington. The couple says the vehicle in the video shares similar damage to their rear tail light and has similar markings in the interior.

Police are now hoping to get in touch with the two men you can see in the video to question them.

Meanwhile, a Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy believes they may have had a run-in with the stolen vehicle too. As the sheriff’s office says when they conducted a traffic stop on a different vehicle, it caused what they suspect to be the black Escalade to be boxed in. Then, the sheriff’s office says the vehicle ran into several vehicles to escape, including one of their own squad cars.

Learning that occurred bothered Heather, “knowing now someone did that and it had our plates. What are the ramifications of that? Does it come back on us? I hope not, but I don’t know.”

The couple says they understand the police are busy, and that finding their car is low on the totem pole.

“It sounds like it’s really on us or someone else to find it and identify it,” Luke said. “I hope they get caught because it’s probably not the first or last time.”

“I have three kids in different sports,” Heather shook her head, “and we can’t do that now without relying on family or friends. it’s hard.”

The couple says it’s looking like insurance isn’t going to give them much for their lost car, or anywhere near the necessary amount to get a new car, so they’re pretty desperate to get their vehicle back.

In the meantime, a friend has set up an online fundraiser to help them buy a new car.