Portland bakery asks for help finding ‘E.T.’ mascot stolen during break-in

A decades-old bakery needs your help tracking down their mascot after it was stolen.
Published: May. 30, 2023 at 7:12 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - A decades-old bakery needs your help tracking down their mascot after it was stolen.

Marilyn DeVault got bad news early Tuesday morning. The bakery she’s owned for 45 years, Piece of Cake, was broken into.

“The people across the street had video and they saw an SUV with a trailer attached with chains, attached to the trailer, attached to our door and thy drove fast to tear the door out and drove with the door,” DeVault said.

One of their front doors was ripped right from the frame and glass littered the street. Once she got to the shop, DeVault saw the register was thrown on the ground but luckily, there was no cash inside.

Now the expensive repairs begin but it’s not the damage that upsets DeVault the most.

“I haven’t made the list yet of all the things they’ve taken but the major thing that really bothered us was E.T. E.T. was our mascot. He wore a Piece of Cake apron, during the pandemic E.T. wore a mask. I mean, we love E.T.,” she said.

She’s collected a lot of unique decor over the years, including Santa statues, a Mt. Bachelor ski lift, and a sled from Sellwood’s tunnel of love. Her three-foot-tall E.T. is one of her most prized possessions considering he’s been in the shop for 25 alongside her cakes.

“Oh, I bought him at a garage sale years and years ago,” DeVault said.

If you find him and “phone home” at Piece Of Cake on Southeast 17th Avenue, you might end up with a sweet reward.

“Phone home! Get E.T. back. We could give them a cake! If they brought us E.T. I think I could definitely give them cake,” she said.