Portlanders ride their bikes with Pride through downtown in Pedalpalooza event

Published: Jun. 3, 2023 at 10:28 AM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - June is Pride Month and Saturday is World Bicycle Day, and with Portland seeing some beautiful weather recently, it was just the right recipe for the second annual Pride Ride.

Joseph Finnigan’s bicycle was adorned with a large rainbow flag on back,

“It’s time to dust off the bike and get our flags out and be proud again,” Finnigan said. “The flag is a rainbow - it represents everybody.”

Pluto, a drag queen, agreed.

“Pride is all about being yourself and being true to who you are,” Pluto said.

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The downtown streets were flooded with color and bikes in the name of pride and a memorial for Darcelle, the legendary oldest performing drag queen who died just months ago.

The mile and a half ride was less competitive and more a fun cruise through downtown.

“That’s good news,” Finnigan said. “I’m not exactly in bike riding shape. Hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll be back to my fighter’s weight.”

Vivian Easley agreed with a smile.

“I’m not here to ride mileage,” Easley said. “I’m here to meet people and have fun.”

All ages were welcome, as are every type of wheel.

Carrie Huffman made her way to the Pride Ride on skates.

“I actually made a plan to befriend a biker to help me going up and down hills,” Huffman said.

Some, like Pluto, were looking extra flashy in color, glitter and the like. She was also wearing some rainbow crocs.

“My goal is to look fierce,” she said. “but at the same time, try and be safe.”

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Along the ride, the group stopped at places of significance to the LGBTQ+ community for a dance party, “but I’ll dance when you need me to,” Pluto said with a shake. “I’ll bust a move anywhere.”

Many in the group agreed that it’s nice to celebrate pride in Portland, as they agreed not everyone in the country has that ability.

“Here,” Pluto said, “it’s thriving and that’s what we have to show the world is that it’s acceptable.”

Easley added, “I feel like visibility is this incredibly important thing that we all need to take part in even though things seem kind of scary.”

The end of the ride was at Cart Blocks, where there was free ice cream.

It’s also Pedalpalooza in June, with all kinds of bike rides to come.