Sunny days ahead, plus briefly hot midweek

Starlight Parade features perfect weather this evening
Published: Jun. 3, 2023 at 3:30 PM PDT
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It’s another strangely cloudless day across the region this first Saturday of June, and temperatures are running 5-8 degrees above normal.  We should top out around 80 in the metro area late this afternoon. 

Starlight Parade

Weather will be perfect this evening! Comfortable temperatures early turn a bit cool later in the parade as the breezes blow through the streets.  I’ll be taking my lightweight puffy jacket for use after sunset and if you are headed down there this evening you should consider a light jacket or blanket as well.

What’s Ahead

We expect clear skies for at least the next three days as we are between a weather system offshore and another in the southwestern USA.

Portland's Forecast
Portland's Forecast(KPTV)

We typically see an afternoon northwest or northerly wind along the coastline and western valleys of NW Oregon and SW Washington in the summertime.  But an “extra strong” version of that cool onshore flow kicks in tomorrow and to a lesser extent Monday. The result will be very windy conditions along the beaches the next two afternoons.  There will be less “sand blasting” on your legs in the morning hours each day.  We also expect wind gusts in the 25-30 mph range in the I-5 corridor both afternoons.  Not a windstorm, but enough to blow an awning or umbrella around.

Tuesday and Wednesday that onshore flow weakens, and we’ll get very close or go slightly over the 90 degree mark those days.  Then expect cooling the 2nd half of the week and into next weekend.  There’s even a (slight) chance for showers by next Saturday with temperatures finally returning to normal.