Caught on camera: Portland man alleges neighbor, dog killed his cat

Richard Rosu said his cat Nick was a longtime family cat.
Published: Aug. 18, 2023 at 10:25 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Richard Rosu said his cat Nick was a longtime family cat.

“He lived with us and my wife’s mom for about 17 years,” Rosu said. “Nick lived here about 7 years. He was an old cat, he was kind of lazy, but was a great mouser. He earned his keep. He loved chicken. We would buy cooked chicken or cooked him chicken because that was what he liked. Nick was always there when I would sit on the coach. Wherever he wanted to lay was where he did. If there was a box laying around, he’d lay in the box. If there was a rug, he would lay on the rug. He did whatever he wanted and we were happy to let him.”

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On Sunday night, as he and his wife got ready for bed, Rosu couldn’t find Nick. They searched their home and Rosu pulled up their surveillance cameras, as Nick would sometimes sit in or next to the driveway. As he checked his Ring camera he was shocked. He described what he saw to us:

“You hear the cat and the dog fighting and then I see someone coming up on their bike,” Rosu explained. “He runs into the dog right in between the trees, knocks the dog off the cat. The dog kind of runs away and then he picks up the front of his bike and smashes Nick. The video shows the dog grabbing Nick by the tail and dragging him back down the driveway. The guy turns around and goes down there, breaks them up. The dog is kind of running around the bike a little bit, looks like he is still trying to nip at Nick. The dog finally goes to the other side of the driveway. The guy still hasn’t gotten off his bike. He is doing a stomping motion with his feet, it looks like he is trying to finish Nick off. The wheels kind of obscure the view, but there is nothing else to be stomping on over there. It looks like he picks him up or the dog grabbed him, honestly I don’t know which, and then they take off down the driveway.”

Rosu said he and his wife say they couldn’t believe what they saw.

“There’s audio on the camera,” said Rosu. “So you hear the dog and the cat. What you don’t hear is anything, no commands of this man telling his dog to stop. He didn’t say stop. All you hear is silence. Nothing from him whatsoever.”

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Rosu said they miss Nick terribly and are trying to adjust to life without him. They have filed a report with Portland Police and hope to find the man and his dog.

“Justice for Nicholas,” said Rosu. “That is what I am looking for. If that man had stopped his dog in the beginning, Nick may still be alive. He might have been hurt, but he could have still been alive. I just want justice.”

If you have any information, you’re asked to contact Portland Police and reference case #23-214243