One more hot and hazy day before significant changes begin

Showers could arrive as soon as Monday night
Here is the First Alert FOX 12 weather forecast for the evening of Sunday, Aug. 27, 2023.
Published: Aug. 27, 2023 at 5:02 AM PDT
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Good morning everyone,

Yesterday turned out just like we’d expected; hazy skies and a hot afternoon. The high was right on track in Portland at 94 and this morning we are very close to the same temperatures as we had yesterday morning, which is on the warmer side of average in the low 60s.

Today should be our last hot and hazy day Sunday, with temperatures down a degree or two. Big changes are headed our way tomorrow through Thursday. Cooler marine air moves inland tonight, followed by showers Monday night. It’s an “upper level low” that will be moving over the region bringing much needed cooling and showers. Those showers stick around Wednesday, then will most likely disappear Thursday with another warming trend to follow.

We do not see another heat wave in the next week and the first week of school (for some kids) will be comfortable in the classroom with no heat issues.

Numerous fires are burning across western Oregon right now and we expect some fire smoke to stream overhead for another day. We do NOT expect poor air quality in the metro area since wind is coming out of the west now, pushing low level smoke into the Cascades instead of out over the valley. One more hot day tomorrow will allow those fires to actively burn again. The good news is that cooler temperatures, high humidity, and eventually showers should greatly lessen fire activity and fire danger through the rest of next week.