Hillsboro winery makes limited edition wine in honor of veterans

For workers at a winery in Hillsboro, Veterans Day Is a day they hold close to their heart.
Published: Nov. 10, 2023 at 8:24 AM PST
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HILLSBORO Ore. (KPTV) - Résolu Cellars, a winery in Hillsboro, is set to honor veterans throughout the weekend, kicking off the celebration tonight with a special event commemorating the 248th birthday of the Marine Corps. The festivities also include the release of a limited-edition wine crafted specifically for the federal holiday.

Cameron Nelson, owner of Résolu Cellars and a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq, expressed the significance of celebrating Veterans Day. He emphasized the camaraderie and kinship that develops through shared hardships and experiences.

“Knowing you’re going into a combat zone is a little bit hair-raising,” Nelson said, reflecting on his time in service. Veterans Day holds a unique meaning for Nelson, who appreciates the opportunity to pay homage to those who have served.

The winery, adorned with flags representing all five branches of the military, serves as a poignant reminder of Nelson’s time in uniform. These symbols of service are a testament to the sacrifices made by those who have defended the country.

Résolu Cellars is actively showing support for veterans by unveiling its Military Tribute Wine, the “Triomphe Signature Bordeaux Blend.” For every sale of this special edition in the coming year, three dollars will be dedicated to Gung-Ho Ministries, a local Beaverton non-profit that assists veterans in need.

Nelson, proud of the winery’s decades-long tradition, believes in the importance of supporting transitioning veterans as they embark on new careers and lives. The release of the signature wine on Veterans Day is a meaningful gesture to honor the real heroes—those who didn’t make it back home.

“We did our best,” Nelson said, acknowledging the sacrifices of servicemen and women. “From our perspective, the real heroes are those who didn’t make it back. Those who didn’t make it back home.”

Résolu Cellars invites the community to join in the celebration and pay tribute to veterans, fostering an environment of gratitude and recognition for those who have served.

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