$15K worth of equipment stolen from band touring in Portland

A band on tour hit a speed bump while stopping in the rose city.
Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 10:16 PM PST|Updated: Nov. 14, 2023 at 10:29 PM PST
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - A band on tour hit a speed bump while stopping in the Rose City after their equipment was stolen from a hotel parking lot.

Frank Ray, a country singer, said his band was staying at the Portlander Inn, and the stolen equipment amounts to more than $15,000 worth.

“Certainly not the welcome we wanted coming into Portland,” he laughed, “but it doesn’t speak for the community as a whole. It’s just a couple bad people out there.”

Ray said he’s played music in just about every state, and said the van is full of what he called their “tools for work” that have to go on the road.

“Unfortunately,” he recalled his former job, “I’m used to receiving calls like that after 10 years in law enforcement myself.”

From chasing criminals to chasing his dream, Ray said he hung up the badge and vest six years ago and picked up the guitar. However, his law enforcement roots remain.

He said he began a mental health and wellness campaign for first responders in hopes to remind the public that those who wear the badge or uniform are also people with bills and families of their own, “and they go and absorb the traumas of the community. Case and point what we’re going through right now. So, it’s important for them to find a healthy way to deal with that and cope with it,” Ray explained, “because we’re notorious as first responders for compartmentalizing that stuff.”

When he learned that this time around, he was on the receiving end and a victim of a crime, he described that his instincts kicked in and he began taking inventory and got in touch with police as quickly as he could. He said it’s important to do so, because the sooner officers are on the look-out, the better chances are to have your things found.

Despite the hiccup, he said he’s happy it’s all replaceable equipment and that no one was hurt. Regardless, he admitted that for a musician, losing an instrument is kind of like losing a piece of yourself.

“It’s definitely a violation of our privacy, and it happens to people on a daily basis. It’s devastating to say the least. It’s one of those things that happens in life,” he smiled, “and you’ve got to take it on the chin and keep going forward.”

Ray said fans and the community have reached out to try and help, which helps him to remain hopeful they’ll get their stuff back. Either way, he said the show will go on at the Ponderosa Lounge and Grill. Tickets are available here.

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“We might be missing some stuff,” he laughed, “but we’ll make do. It’s a high energy show and we spread joy and positivity. We’re in the business of telling stories, and this is just another story to tell.”

List of items the band said were stolen:

  • Martin Nylon guitar
    • model: 000C12-16E Nylon
  • 16″ Pearl Masters Floor Tom
  • 10″ Mountable Side Snare
  • Mono Drum Stick Bag
  • Pair of In Ear Headphones
  • Pioneer turn tables with case
  • Yamaha mixer
  • I rig pro recording interphase
  • In ear monitors
  • Roland hand sonic drum pad
  • Roland 808 drum pad
  • Martin nylon string
  • Maton EBG808
  • Blonde Fender Telecaster with Mary sharpied on the back
  • Martin acoustic
  • Takamine acoustic
  • Alclair In Ears in a leather case. Black glitter on front and red ear canals
  • Korg keytar
  • Reverend Bass
  • Amped Dirrect Box