(Meredith) -- The first day of school can be exciting and a little bit nerve-racking for kids. Parents can make the entire experience more enjoyable in a few easy ways. 

Rachel Sylvester, a senior lifestyle editor for Real Simple, said incorporating some fun back-to-school traditions into your family's routine can get everyone pumped for the year ahead. 

To start, consider personalizing their school supplies. 

"A fresh batch of new pencils or notebooks emblazoned with your kid’s name is a sweet way to get them excited for the new year," said Sylvester. 

After the school day is over, create a space for your kids to open up about their experience, from what they learned to the new friends they made. You can host a show-and-tell dinner, where your child can share details about their big day back as your family enjoys a delicious meal.

Speaking of meals, try having pancakes -- for supper. 

"Skip the pancake breakfast and serve them for dinner the night before the first day of school," said Sylvester. "For an even sweeter treat, make them kids’ choice -- blueberry or chocolate chip."

If you have any leftover batter, you can make a mini chocolate chip pancake and put it in their lunchbox so they can enjoy it at school the next day. 

Lastly, give them something to grow into, like an oversized T-shirt with their high school graduation year.  

"Then, take a picture of your child growing into this shirt each year on the first day of school," said Sylvester.

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