Andy Carson

Good Day Oregon Weather Anchor
Andy Carson

Andy has been around as long as Good Day Oregon. He is one of the original members of GDO, along with Tony Martinez. That was August of 1996. Fast forward to now and Andy has 3 kids. The oldest is married and has two sons.

Andy does not look old enough to be a grandfather, so he goes by "Snoop Pop Pop." Andy and his wife are now empty nesters... most of the time. As soon as the kids were out of the house, they bought a travel trailer and named it "Esther the Empty Nester."

Travel is the plan for Mr. and Mrs. Carson for weekends and occasional vacations.

Andy has been running for years, including over a half dozen Hood to Coast races, four marathons and one ultramarathon -- 40 miles on his 40th birthday!

The last few years he was on a FOX 12 sponsored team called "Real News, Fake Runners." On Dec. 12 2017, Andy started streaking... but with clothes. The rule is, he has to run at least 1 mile every day. No matter what. Sick, stuck at an airport, in the middle of cycle Oregon. Once he hits a year, he gets to join an online club of other streakers and see how long he can keep the streak alive.

In addition to Andy's duties doing the weather on Good Day Oregon, he also does a segment called "Andy's Adventures." Andy and his friend and photographer, Uncle Rico, travel all over the state of Oregon, into Washington and even Canada for the adventures.