Shauna Parsons

Good Day Oregon Co-Anchor
Shauna Parsons

Shauna Parsons used to be a night owl. But now, as an anchor on the Emmy award-winning Good Day Oregon each morning on FOX 12, she is a proud early riser. Bonus: she gets a quiet house to herself each weekend as her family sleeps in, and can binge watch all of the shows that come on after her bedtime, in peace!

Shauna started her career at KSTU-Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’ll never forget the moment when, as an intern, her News Director asked her if she could report. Her response, “Yes I can!” She started reporting while simultaneously working as a substitute teacher to pay the bills. Once her internship was over, she was officially hired as a reporter, which then led to a job as weekend anchor, before launching that station’s first morning newscast.

Shauna and her family moved to Portland in 2000, when her son was still a toddler. Her daughter was born soon after, and she and her family have enjoyed making the full transition to true Oregonians. Of course this means they welcome the onset of the rainy season each year, and they rarely carry umbrellas. They also drink a lot of kombucha. Yes, they are “those” people.

Shauna spent the first 13 years in Portland anchoring the 10 O’Clock News with Wayne Garcia, before transitioning from late nights to early evenings, solo anchoring the 5 and 6 O’Clock newscasts. Ultimately, Shauna went back to her morning roots and joined the Good Day Oregon team. She joins Kimberly Maus, Andy Carson and Tony Martinez each morning from 5 to 11 a.m. While delivering breaking news and important information to her viewers is her top priority, Shauna’s favorite moments on the set each day are the candid moments that often lead to laughter with her work family.

When not on the set, Shauna loves to read (she’s a proud member of a Book Club), travel with her family, and explore Portland’s amazing restaurants. She’s also been known to hop on stage with her friend’s live karaoke band and sing a song or two. (She may secretly believe she missed her calling as a rock star). For some reason, Shauna spends a lot of time texting back and forth with Kimberly Maus. They apparently don’t get enough time together, after sitting next to each other on the set for 5 hours each day. Be sure to follow Shauna on Instagram, because she loves producing Insta stories and giving viewers behind the scenes glimpses into her team’s on the set shenanigans.

Shauna loves meeting viewers, so if you see her out and about, be sure to say hello!