Wayne Garcia

News Anchor
Wayne Garcia

Wayne Garcia anchors the 8, 10, and 11 pm newscasts on FOX 12 and FOX 12 Plus.

This is usually the space we tell you about all of Wayne’s journalism awards and where he’s worked in the past and that kind of thing. And while, yes he’s won some awards and he’s worked in some places we wanted to get right to the good stuff!

For example, did you know that Wayne was born in a car? That’s right. He could have been a news story from the minute he took his first breath. You see his Mom and Dad were on their way to the hospital in a ’57 Chevy but Wayne just had to make his debut right then and there near Lemoore, California. When Wayne finally got to the hospital they separated him from all the other babies because he wasn’t sterile. And Wayne has been in a league of his own ever since!

Wayne has always lived on the West Coast and has now been in Portland at FOX 12 since 2002. Wayne says Portland is his favorite city in the world! He loves to explore the Northwest with his wife and two daughters and black lab, Griffin. They like to drive around and camp in their vintage 1979 VW Campmobile that our own Tony Martinez featured in a recent story.

In his spare time, Wayne loves to read and write fiction. Mostly spy novels. He enjoys IPA and loves ethnic food like Thai, Indian, German, and well come to think of it, there’s not much food he doesn’t like.

Thankfully with all those calories he tries to stay healthy too. In fact Wayne has really been on a workout kick lately, doing Crossfit classes 4 or more times a week at his local gym.

Wayne also listens to a lot of music, ranging from his standby favorite Jimmy Buffett, to songs from Shawn Mendes and Ruel that his daughters seem to perpetually play on their Alexa.

If you see Wayne out and about, feel free to ask him for a selfie as he loves connecting with fans and folks in the community. If you have a news story or something you’d like to tell him just email him at

Wayne has been in broadcasting now for more than 40 years! And he hopes to end his long career right here in the Rose City. He can’t think of anywhere else he’d want to be.

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