CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WSOC/Meredith) -- A terrifying incident in North Carolina was caught on camera when a dog started attacking a horse carriage filled with people.

All was peaceful at Cane Creek Park when chaos suddenly ensued. A dog triggered by something took off after a horse pulling a carriage full of people.

Horse owner Bridger Medlin said this happened Saturday on the first day of carriage rides of the season. It was the last ride of the day.

"We had a family on the carriage. There were families and kids everywhere,” Bridger Medlin, the horse’s owner, said.

The horse, Queen Charlotte, and the carriage driver, Amanda Underwood, had a picture of them taken just before things went wrong.

"Nightmare came to life,” Medlin said.

Medlin said the video of the attack posted to YouTube is now part of the sheriff’s investigation. It shows the end of the incident and a horse trained to protect others, even under a vicious attack.

"The horse stayed and gave the fight of its life to protect the people and it's riders,” Medlin said.

Queen Charlotte kicked back in a moment too brutal to show, but the dog still continued to attack.

The carriage driver, seen in red in the video, then jumped in to help.

"Had Amanda not have done that I feel sure that horse at some point would have quit fighting and run for his life and that would have been catastrophic,” Medlin said.

Queen Charlotte suffered bites on the legs, stomach, throat and was bitten through her jaw.

Investigators said the dog was also severely wounded, and a vet advised it may be best to euthanize the pet.

No charges have been filed in the incident. There is no leash law in Union County, North Carolina, but pets are required to be tethered in the park.

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(3) comments

Tod Foulk

just a pit bull doing what pit bulls do. a friend had one from 1975 to about 1984. killed more cats than i care to remember as a kid. tore one in half and got blood etc on me and two houses. horrible.


just another reason the gun goes where i go too.

Lexx Luthor

"A dog triggered by something took off after a horse pulling a carriage full of people." THis is bull.... pit bulls have a reputation for attacking unprovoked !!!! If this reporter(alleged reporter) was truthful he would have ID-ed the allegedy "trigger" Since he did not you can conclude that there was no actual trigger.... just a crazed pitbull trying to kill another life form !!

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