MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WITI/CNN/Meredith) -- Twenty-two seconds. That’s all it took for thieves to steal a woman’s car in Wisconsin. 

The car’s owner ran inside her house to grab her lunch. When she walked back outside, it was gone.

Samantha Biallas knows first-hand that it only takes seconds to change a life.

“I was leaving for work,” she said. “I was kind of in a rush that morning. Had everything ready, started my car and...I actually forgot my lunch in the kitchen.”

With her car running, she headed back inside her Shorewood home.

“I ran in, got my lunch and then I came back and my car was gone,” she said.

The 22-second heist was captured on her Nest camera.

Watch as a vehicle slowly pulls into the alley. It has tinted windows, so you can’t see inside of it.

A man then darts from the vehicle into Bialla’s unlocked car. In second, like clockwork, the cars pull off together.

“I think that this probably isn`t their first rodeo,” Bialla said.

Biallas said her now missing Mazda had a deeper meaning for her. She’s offering a reward for its return and a message for those responsible.

“If you feel comfortable coming forward, I’m offering a $700 reward,” she said. “Don’t take your life donw that pathway, it’s never too late to turn around.”

The Shorewood Police Department said this was one of two car thefts to happen in recent years.


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