DISH Network has dropped Portland FOX affiliate KPTV and KPDX (MYN), DMA Rank – 22, from its lineup. By law, cable companies must negotiate in good faith with television stations before dropping the TV stations’ signals. KPTV and KPDX have been trying for months to get DISH to negotiate seriously. KPTV and KPDX’s vital local news, emergency information and top-rated FOX sports and entertainment programming are important to DISH customers.

KPTV and KPDX have been trying to reach an agreement with DISH to bring back your favorite local news, weather, sports and entertainment programming.  The NFL season starts this weekend/Thursday, and due to DISH’s continuing refusal to come to an agreement like we have reached with hundreds of other cable and satellite providers, we suggest you seek an alternative provider, such as Comcast, DIRECTV or any smaller cable companies. Of course, KPTV and KPDX are always available over-the-air.

DISH dropping KPTV and KPDX is unusual – KPTV and KPDX have successfully reached fair agreements with every major cable and satellite company. Without fair and equitable treatment, local TV stations will not be able to continue to provide top quality news, sports, entertainment and other local programming that is most important to you.

In the meantime, we hope you will continue supporting local television and watch us free over the air with an antenna, or you may choose to subscribe to any local cable company serving your area, which all carry our station and the other local television stations in our market.

  • Comcast/Xfinity – Click here to order or call 1-888-831-3337
  • DirecTV - Click here to order or call 1-800-490-4388
  • Spectrum - Click here to order or call 1-855-243-8892
  • Frontier - Click here to order or call 1-877-605-2860 
  • Wave - Click here to order or call 1-855-971-1252
  • Centurylink - Click here to order or call 1-866-642-0444

We encourage DISH subscribers to reach out to DISH at 1(800) 333-3474. Tell DISH you want KPTV and KPDX back on your cable lineup.

Thank you for supporting LOCAL television.

Know the Facts:

Question: Why have you not yet reached an agreement with DISH?

Answer: We have been trying for months to reach an agreement with DISH. So far, DISH has rejected all our proposals for compromise. Local broadcasters negotiate agreements with cable and satellite providers regularly for the rights to resell programming to their subscribers. Usually, agreements are reached without any disruption to your service. We will continue to negotiate with DISH in hopes of reaching an agreement.

Question: What exactly is “retransmission consent”?

Answer: Cable and satellite companies negotiate with local broadcasters for the right to retransmit their signals in a process known as retransmission consent.  Fair compensation is critical to local TV stations' ability to provide local news, community and emergency information as well as top-quality entertainment.  Recently, certain cable and satellite companies (which don’t invest in local programming) have waged an aggressive lobbying effort urging the government to weigh in on these private, market-based negotiations in an attempt to avoid fairly compensating broadcasters that produce the highest-rated content on television.

Question:  Why do you charge DISH, when your signal is available free over the air?

Answer: Our signals have always been and always will be available for free over-the-air to every viewer. But we cannot continue to provide the same high-quality programming if our competitors can take our programming for free and re-sell it.   

DISH competes with us to sell advertising, and that cuts into the revenue we use to support our high-quality programming, including our local news. DISH does not invest in local programming, but it profits by including local broadcast stations like ours in its lineup. DISH pays for other channels it sends you, including dozens of channels you’ve probably never watched. DISH should pay fair value for the ability to send our programming to you, just like it pays for those other channels.  Remember, DISH already charges you for our local programming as part of your monthly bill.

Question: Does DISH pay for other channels?

Answer: Based on publicly available information, cable and satellite providers pay substantial fees per month for the rights to carry ESPN, TNT and many other cable networks that have far fewer viewers, no local employees and no local investments. The rates that we are asking for from DISH are far less than those DISH pays for niche cable networks that have lower viewership than our stations in this LOCAL market.

Question: So, what are my options?

Answer: It is important to know that you have many choices. You can always watch the station for free and in high-definition over-the-air by using an antenna. We also have agreements with virtually all other pay-tv providers in your area such as DIRECTV (1-888-777-2454).

Question: What can I do in the meantime?

Answer: We encourage DISH subscribers to call 1(800) 333-3474 and let DISH know you want KPTV and KPDX.