(CNN) -- Miami International Airport will close a terminal early for three days because of a shortage of Transportation Security Administration screeners, airport spokesman Greg Chin said Thursday.

The security checkpoints in terminal G will be closed after 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, he said.

"Due to an increased number of TSA screeners not reporting to work, we have decided to take this precautionary step and relocate about 12 flights to adjoining concourses in the afternoons," he said.

Chin told the Miami Herald that federal screeners are calling in sick at double the normal rate for Miami, and TSA managers aren't confident they will have enough workers to operate all 11 checkpoints throughout the airport at normal hours.

"We felt we had to make a decision before the weekend," Chin told the newspaper. "They're erring on the side of caution."

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Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Clinton and Obama BOTH had shutdowns among the 5 longest in U.S. history, but that ruins the narratives against President Trump.
Walls work and the Democrats KNOW IT..
Yuma, AZ , Hungary, and Israel are prime examples
And this one is needed.

Facilitating, rewarding, and cultivating an illegal alien community in the U.S. is co$ting U,S. taxpayers WAY more EACH YEAR than the current co$t of the wall on our southern border.

Yet, Democrats would rather $pend YOUR tax dollars on illegally inflating their voting bloc than protecting law abiding American citizen's interests and security.
So Trump is Hitler in how he's dealing with illegal immigration?
Contrast this with how Mexico treats illegals.
Sorry about the lack of links, activists at Fox 12 have set this up so he site automatically reject comments with links as "spam".

Pesky facts.

Illegal immigration is NOT a "race".
Enforcing our immigration laws is NOT "racism".
Immigration corruption and fraud do NOT = "compassion".

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