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Once government grabs your rights they will never give them back to you...The government has never unlike a temporary tax they didn't keep on taking!


Rural Oregon doesn't care what the queen of Portland says. She is not welcome here as was evident during her wildfire photo op with CNN. We are going to have Thanksgiving and She can go stuff herself!


Remember the lockdown and all the restrictions in November 2022, and vote Kate Brown out of office. Better yet, let's get enough signatures to get a recall vote.


The tyrant queen is termed out after her current reign of economic destruction. She can't run again.

davcon 5

So let's just vote the Republican candidate in - whoever that may be. High time for change in this state.


'Gov. Brown's two-week COVID-19 pause begins today for 9 Oregon counties' So are the people in these 9 counties going to be obedient sheeple and blindly follow the tyrant queens 'orders', or will they decide for themselves what they want to do?


I live in Umatilla County. Yesterday I went to the show, went out to lunch today and tomorrow I am going bowling. So I am out enjoying my life and I am not alone.

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