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If she can document her lost income she should sue the State of Oregon under the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution's "takings" clause. The State of Oregon essentially seized her asset, "income" ,for a public benefit (reducing the risk of spreading a flu virus). Whether you think it was justified or not doesn't matter, there is no provision in the US Constitution which allows for its suspension under any circumstance, including pandemic. The State of Oregon is part of the Union and subject to the Constitution and Amendments. If we're "All in this together" like the TV ads say, why are certain people being asked to bear a disproportionate burden financially while others collect more than their regular wages to stay home and binge watch TV shows? It's not just law, it's basic human fairness.

Mr pickles

Good for her...love me a rebel. I'll chip in some cash for her fine.

Just curious

I hope she contacts the Federal Senators and hope they will help her. Also Get herself a really good lawyer, because I think her constitutional rights have been violated.


The lawlessnes of Govenor Brown continues


Just curious


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