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Its getting worse every year. More people move here but Portlands idea is to put every street on a road diet and take lanes away. Poor planning is what is hurting. We travel and see states like Texas that are always building a road. Highways are 5-8 lanes wide each way and they move traffic. Portland complains but does nothing about getting the cars moving instead of sitting in traffic.


I drive 30,000 miles per year in the Portland area. Been running around like this for about 20 years. Traffic is bad, and has gotten far far worse over the past 5 or 10 years. The roads are over crowded. I believe this is why the polite Oregon driver is going extinct. Everyone has to battle to get where they are going. Also part of that must have to do with the inflow of people moving here from "less polite" areas of the country. I don't want to say California, but California.. It should not take hours to get from one side of town to the other, but there I sit burning fuel in my work rig on an over crowded highway watching the disgustingly expensive light rail train wiz by with only a couple of people onboard. I would love to say that mass transit works, but it simply does not. It is unsafe for the average person as homelessness and mentally ill people are allowed to roam the streets and the transit system. Many people would rather drive just for that fact. For me, I carry hundreds of pounds of tools and equipment. I have no choice but to drive a big truck. ~ We simply need more lane miles in Portland. Our road system is far outdated


Was not bad before the "cram-'em-in multi-units got shoved through approval and before alien trespassers received DL's thanks to our dictator in Salem.

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