Thursday, August 22nd, 3:20 A.M.

Good morning!

There are still a few damp spots on area roads, but most of the showers are well to the east of the Cascades. We’re expecting the marine layer to surge back in this morning, leaving us with low elevation clouds until the late morning and the early afternoon. Conditions will turn mostly sunny later on this afternoon with high temperatures in the mid 70s. We’ll slowly warm up around the Portland metro area over the next few days with a mix of clouds and sunshine.

The Hood to Coast forecast is looking about as good as it can be for this time of year. We’ll start off Friday morning in the 40s and 50s around Timberline Lodge. Eventually, temperatures will climb into the 70s down in the Valley under party cloudy skies. Temperatures will fall into the 60s during the evening (and the 50s across the Coast Range). This should be some good running (and walking) weather! Temperatures look like they’ll climb through the 60s out along the coast to finish the race Saturday.  

By Monday, our weather will start to turn much warmer as high pressure builds over the western United States. It looks like the northern Willamette Valley will climb into the mid 80s by Monday afternoon, and there’s a solid possibility we’ll jump into the low to mid 90s both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have a great Thursday!


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