Tuesday, May 21st, 4:00 p.m.

It’s been a nice & (mainly) dry late May day in the metro area.  Temperatures will top out in the mid-upper 60s the next couple of hours.  A few showers have developed over the Cascades and are drifting out over the I-5 corridor.  So that means some of us could see a shower this evening; but many of us won’t. 

Tomorrow will be warmer and partly cloudy.  Temperatures rise into the 70s.  Then during the mid-late afternoon thunderstorms will pop up over the Cascades; stronger than today.  Some will drift down into the lowlands & metro area.  So beyond 3pm there is a chance for a shower or thunderstorm especially east metro area.    Thursday should be similar.

There is a better chance for showers Friday, then just a slight chance over the Memorial Day Weekend.  If we get showers this weekend it appears Sunday afternoon could see the best chance.  Regardless, in general it’ll be a partly cloudy and warm weekend.