Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, 3:30 PM

Today turned out about as expected with cloudy skies and light rain at times. The rain picks up a bit tonight and then showers continue all day Wednesday. Snow levels remain relatively low, around 1,500’. That’s outside of the metro area but Cascade foothills and Coast Range will continue to see snow at times through tomorrow. In the Cascades a solid foot falls between now and Wednesday evening with the snow ends.
We get ONE dry day Thursday, then rain returns Friday afternoon and continues off/on through early next week. I’ve thrown a few snowflakes back into the 7 Day forecast since we might see mixed rain/snow at times Sunday through Tuesday. That said, no models are depicting any sort of widespread sticking snow in the lowest elevations through early next week.
The very chilly February weather continues until further notice.


Chief meteorologist

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