Sunday, August 25th, 3:30 P.M.

The rest of this week looks very warm for late August, and it includes two hot days…

Tomorrow we lose “nature’s air-conditioning” which is that cool flow of air coming off the Pacific Ocean.   We gain 6-8 degrees which puts us into the mid-upper 80s.  Again it’s good that this time of the year we start in the 50s.

Then Tuesday/Wednesday our typical heat wave pattern sets up with hot/dry easterly wind coming through the Gorge and down off the Cascades.  We haven’t seen this pattern since the early summer heat the 2nd week of June.  The result will be high temps somewhere between 95-100 degrees those two days.  Humidity will be quite low with this setup so fire danger goes way up as well.

A good push of ocean air drops us back into the 80s Thursday and beyond, but as of now there’s no sign of cool/wet weather for the Labor Day Weekend.  Enjoy what could be the last spell of very warm to hot weather for this season!


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