(Meredith) – A gas station clerk in Illinois has been suspended after a viral video showed him arguing with a Hispanic family about their citizenship status. 

The family stopped at Bucky's Express in Naperville on Tuesday to fix a bicycle wheel that became loose while they were out cycling, CBS Chicago reported. As her cousins and aunts waited for help, 15-year-old Indira Buitron went into the convenience store to buy food.

Buitron said the clerk told her the food was too expensive and then asked if her cousins were adopted, according to the Chicago Tribune. When she told him they were visiting from Mexico, he reportedly asked if they were "illegal."

Moments later, multiple family members went inside to confront the store clerk.

In a video posted to Facebook, the employee asked one of Buitron's aunts, "Are you a citizen?" She responded: "Yes, what's your problem?"

He then pointed to other members of the family and said, "They need to go back to their country." 

The argument escalated, with the woman telling the clerk, “I hate you,” and the worker responding, “ICE will come.” 

Naperville police and city officials said they are investigating the incident. Protests were held Wednesday afternoon outside the gas station in response to the video, which has been viewed more than 480,000 times.

Bucky's later released the following statement to NBC Chicago:

The comments of this associate are not reflective of the core values of Bucky's Convenience Stores. We are aware of the situation and are managing this personnel issue. We take this matter seriously and strive to ensure that all customers are treated with respect.

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Indeed! They're probably SJW interns from Reed College. I would have to call them out for posting links in this article. My links and addresses have always been rejected as "spam" but this site gives themselves a free pass. Reminds me of when Pamplin Media still had REAL on-line comments and servers to handle them. They used a word scanning program that rejected words and phrases like "Illegal alien" "illegal immigration", "immigration status", etc. James Marks was the SJW webmaster who banned me for 2 weeks for calling him out by name for giving illegal alien apologists a free pass on what they otherwise called "prohibited text". I got around it by posting comments from a library computer, LOL!

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