Millions of cicadas making early comeback

Nashville, TN is already seeing some early arrivals of the 13-year cicada migration.

Nashville, TN (WSMV) -- Nashville will be seeing more stories about our neighbors to the north and east hearing the familiar sounds of cicadas as millions of the insects arrive soon in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Experts say 2024 it will be our turn but we're already seeing some early arrivals of the 13-year cicada migration.

It's nothing to worry about though. Experts say while the cicadas are loud and a little annoying, they're completely harmless.

Researchers like David Lynn Cook of the UT Institute of Agriculture say they're not sure what's leading some of these insects to appear ahead of schedule.

“We don’t understand exactly why some emerge early," Cook said. "Sometimes mother earth will give some of her secrets so we can study these insects.”

There are a couple things to think about as Nashville gets ready for the next full emergence.

Experts say you shouldn’t plant a tree in fall 2023, as cicadas will do big damage to the new plant.

And if you're hosting a wedding, you might want to plan it for indoors in May and June of 2024. That's when we can expect to see cicadas out in full force.

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