People at the US Capitol riot are being identified and losing their jobs

An unidentified Navistar employee, right center, is seen wearing a company badge during the Capitol breach on January 6. Navistar has announced his termination.

(CNN) -- As images and social media posts of Wednesday's insurrection at the US Capitol circulate online, some of those who were present are being identified, and some have lost or left their jobs because of it.

Navistar, a direct marketing company in Maryland, announced that an employee had been terminated after he was photographed wearing his company ID badge inside the breached Capitol building.

"While we support all employees' right to peaceful, lawful exercise of free speech, any employee demonstrating dangerous conduct that endangers the health and safety of others will no longer have an employment opportunity with Navistar Direct Marketing," the company said in a statement provided to CNN.

A Texas attorney named Paul Davis is no longer employed at his company, Goosehead Insurance, after social media posts appeared to show him talking about his participation in Wednesday's events. In one video, Davis says, "we're all trying to get into the Capitol to stop this."

In further posts on Facebook's Stories feature, Davis said he was "peacefully demonstrating" the whole time, and was not trying to actively break into the Capitol. "I said 'trying to get into the Capitol,' meaning to voice a protest. Not in any violent way," he wrote.

On Thursday, a Twitter account belonging to the Westlake, Texas-based company tweeted: "Paul Davis, Associate General Counsel, is no longer employed by Goosehead."

CNN reached out to Goosehead for further comment and was directed to a voicemail message that stated, "The Goosehead employee involved at the Capitol is no longer employed."

It isn't clear whether Davis left the company or was terminated. CNN reached out to Davis for comment but hasn't gotten a response.

Rick Saccone, a former Pennsylvania state representative, shared images on his Facebook page of himself outside the Capitol. Saint Vincent College, where Saccone served as an adjunct professor, immediately began an investigation, according to Michael Hustava, the institution's Senior Director of Marketing and Communications.

"As a result of that investigation, Dr. Saccone has submitted and we have accepted his letter of resignation, effective immediately. He will no longer be associated with Saint Vincent College in any capacity," Hustava said in a statement provided to CNN.

"I decided to resign for the betterment of the school," Saccone told the Tribune-Review, a news outlet in Western Pennsylvania, about his departure. "I've been there 21 years. I didn't want all this terrible media kerfuffle to tarnish the school. I decided it would be better if I just resigned."

Saccone, who posted videos from among the crowd on the grounds outside the Capitol building, stated in a Facebook post that everyone around him was "involved in peaceful, first amendment assembly."

CNN has reached out to Saccone for further comment.

Lindsey Williams, a Pennsylvania state Senator, shared a video that appeared to have been deleted from Saccone's Facebook page. In it, Saccone says, "They broke down the gates, they're macing them up there. We're trying to run out all of the evil people in there and all of the RINOs that have betrayed our President. We're going to run them out of their offices."

Americans in positions of power are also being disciplined for their support of the violence, even if they weren't at the Capitol. The Texas Republican Party removed Walter West, its Sergeant-At-Arms, from his position after West made comments on Facebook supporting the Capitol siege.

"Whereas we vigorously support the First Amendment right to freely assemble, we condemn violence and pray for all gathering in our nation's capital and those at the Capitol Building," a statement on the Texas GOP's website reads. "The Texas GOP has always been on the side of law and order and will remain so."

In a statement, West said his Facebook posts were "misinterpreted" and he would never "advocate for violence on 'The People's House.'"

West's name and photograph do not appear on the Texas GOP's list of leadership.

CNN's Carma Hassan contributed to this story.

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(13) comments

Michelle Robinson

There should be some work place violence stories popping up soon.


Standard operating procedure for companies to fire employees who engage in these activities. We are only just now seeing that because all of the previous protests were by people who did not have jobs.


And NONE have been identified "antifa infiltrators." They are ALL Trump supporting morons. What a horrible attempt at revolutionary action. The police even made it easy on you and you still failed. You are all pathetic losers, and history will remember you as such.


Prosecute them or anyone trespassing, vandalizing and rioting in DC, or any city. They represent themselves out on the fringe, all parties have a fringe element.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

nothing different than the antifa infiltrators in portland nightly

Honest citizen

Opps, there are plenty of reports otherwise, I just linked another story 2 comments up of an Antifa fella inside the capitol. Best regards sir


I would be proud to be called a member of the Trump Mob. That means I am a real American and not some left wing traitor.

Kenny Rogers

A member of the "Trump Mob" was pictured wearing a "Camp Auschwitz" sweatshirt. Does that make you proud? Because that was one of the participants at the Capitol two days ago.


CNN, and other media outlets have labels these people as part of the "Trump Mob". The thousands of others that drove heavy equipment through major retail outlets, burned small business to the ground, and marched through communities shouting "you are next" will have no charges brought before them. Of course they can't be dismissed from jobs they don't, and never have had.


Hopefully this is also happening to other rioters and vandals across the nation. What ever happened to Kristina Narayan, who works for the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives Tina Kotek?


That's different don't you know.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Please fill me in on Kristina Narayan. What did she do that you would ask this?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

I didn't expect to find news coverage so easily about a leftist Oregon Legislature staffer getting arrested. She was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on interfering with a peace officer at the Ventura Park riot. The Multnomah County district attorney has committed to dismissing this charge when not paired with more serious charges. The oregonlive article is laughable in that Narayan is whining possible COVID exposure unmasked in a fully loaded paddy wagon when by the left's own "pandemic" metric, she should NOT have been at the riot AT ALL. The loony left; you just can't make this stuff up.

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