(KTRK/Meredith) -- A Texas mother was excited for her son after he was nominated to his high school’s homecoming court.  

But that excitement quickly turned to anger after seeing text messages she believes came from some of his classmates.

High school senior Justin Boone and his mom, Erica Matula, were excited as they read a write-up in the paper about his nomination for homecoming king.

“It was really exciting, I was a little nervous,” Justin told KTRK-TV.

But his excitement was short-lived. 

After the nomination, Justin received a screen shot of a text sent by a classmate calling him a homophobic slur and said, if he wins, “I’m moving.” 

Justin told the station it was so bad that the day the homecoming king was announced, a day that he had been looking forward to, he decided not to go to school at all.  

"Just the homophobic comments I just didn't feel like hearing it, if-- in case I did win I heard some people were going to boo or something and I just didn't feel like going through that," Justin said.

Erica said she told the El Campo School District about the text.

"I just couldn't believe someone would be that cruel to do that to him cause he doesn't deserve it," Erica said.

She wishes they would do more to raise awareness about bullying, and so does Justin. 

"We need to acknowledge that the school does have these bullying tendencies and that it's not being acknowledged by anyone and I feel like the school can take a step forward and try something new," Justin said.

While the bullying hurt, Justin and his mom said they also got a lot of supporting messages.

"A lot of people came up to me and texted me and really sent me some good support," Justin said.

And in the end, he says he’s felt the love.


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