Chef Devon Chase’s Frascatelli Recipe:

 For the pasta

    2c semolina

    2c water

Working in 4-5 batches, dip your fingertips into the bowl of water, lift hand from bowl, and splatter water over semolina. Repeat several times until surface of semolina is dotted with wet patches about the size of a nickel. Let stand until water is absorbed, forming individual dumplings, about 5 seconds. Using a dry hand, fish spatula or slotted spoon, turn dumplings over to coat with semolina, then transfer to a sieve. Shake gently over the same baking dish to remove excess semolina; transfer dumplings to a large rimmed baking sheet. Repeat with remaining semolina and water until all of the semolina has been used. 

Pasta sauce:

2c heavy cream

2 lemons zested in large strips and juiced

Vegetables or meat of your choice. I recommend, ham, bay shrimp or crab if you're looking for something meaty. Asparagus, favas, morels, spring onions and mustard greens are all in season and also make great additions.

Get a pot of salted water for pasta on.

While that's happening begin to steep the lemon peel in cream. 

Then sauté your veg or meat then deglaze the pan with lemon juice and add your cream, leaving the peels behind.  Gently simmer

With your sauce built drop your frascatelli in the pasta water.  Since it's so fresh it should only take about a minuet.  Add it to the pasta sauce and cook for another 30 seconds or so. 

Plate up, add some cheese... maybe some basil and eat it! 

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