(Meredith) -- A mom in Washington state says two people pretending to be Child Protective Service (CPS) agents showed up at her house and tried to take away her four-year-old son.

Jessi McCombs said a man and a woman, both dressed professionally, came to her house in Marysville Monday morning, about an hour north of Seattle. They claimed to be visiting the home regarding McCombs’ son’s “injuries” and were going to place him in CPS custody.

Initially confused, McCombs said she assumed the CPS “agents” had the wrong house – until the “agents” recited McCombs’ son’s name and birthday.

McCombs said she asked the pair to see some CPS identification, which they refused to show.

Panicking, McCombs said she pretended to dial 911 to report the “agents.” The pair then left in a hurry and said they would come back later.

McCombs made a report with local police, who tell KIRO they are now investigating. Police said they have not received any additional reports about fake CPS agents trying to take children away.

A spokesperson for CPS confirmed to KIRO that the agency does not have any open cases involving the McCombs.

McCombs said she doesn’t know how the couple got her son’s name and birthday or why they targeted him.

She told KIRO the incident will forever be in the back of her mind.

Police want all parents to know that a real CPS agent will always be accompanied by law enforcement and will always have identification.

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(3) comments

Hunny do

I would be sleeping with my kid after that.. God knows why they targeted him and to what extreme they will go to. Description would be helpful




CPS came to my house once. No police. No company car. On a Saturday.

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