A New York woman said she received a $115 parking ticket while breastfeeding her 3-week-old daughter in the backseat of a parked SUV. 

Guillermina Rodriguez, 30, was stuck in a 45-minute traffic jam in downtown Manhattan on Thursday when her newborn baby began to cry. The mother of four said she had no other choice but to pull over to feed her child.  

"I'm like almost crying because she's crying, and all I want to do is pull over so I can tend to her," Rodriguez told WABC-TV.

She found a metered parking spot in a commercial zone. Within a few minutes of moving to the backseat to breastfeed, Rodriguez said she noticed an officer and a tow truck next to her vehicle.

"He was going to tow the car without even looking in there," she said. 

Rodriguez honked the horn to get the officer's attention. The officer decided not to tow the SUV, and instead gave the mom a ticket.

"I showed him the baby and obviously my breast," she said. "I'm like, 'I'm breast-feeding the baby.' He looks and then he just puts the ticket down, and he walks away."

Rodriguez said she wished the officer showed more compassion. She was so frustrated that she contacted a breastfeeding advocate from La Leche League of New York. 

"As a society, we need to hear babies crying and answer them. And I don't think she deserves a ticket for that," said La Leche League spokesperson Laura Beth Gilman. "I think she deserves understanding, and the police officer should have said, 'Sure, I'll give you a couple of minutes.'" 

Rodriguez said she plans to fight her ticket.

Copyright 2018 WABC via CNN. All rights reserved.

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(2) comments

kyle H

Ok. Why was the tow truck there? On what basis were they going to impound the vehicle? This is a Fake News story. She parked some place important. I don't know where but it's gotta be someplace she knew better than to park in. Bogus story. Where are the details to this story.? This was the sorriest excuse of reporting I ever recall seeing. What is going on at Fox 12???

Husky Loyalist

Put a quarter in the meter. Simple

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