Outrageous Audio surveillance image

Outrageous Audio surveillance image (KPTV)

GRESHAM, OR (KPTV) - The father of a theft suspect returned $1,300 in stolen merchandise to Outrageous Audio in Gresham after seeing surveillance video on FOX 12 Oregon.

Store owner Blane Hartleb shared the surveillance video of three people appearing to work together to steal an $800 amplifier and a $500 stereo from his business.

In the video, two male suspects and one female suspect are seen entering the store, then gathering in the back to talk.

Two of the suspects then distract the store employees while the third walks out the door with the amplifier.

That suspect then comes back in, grabs the stereo and leaves.

Hartleb said the suspects were especially brazen, because the surveillance cameras were broadcasting on a monitor in the shop.

The crime occurred Tuesday. On Friday, Hartleb said the father of one of the suspects saw the news story and went to Outrageous Audio and returned the stolen equipment.

The man told Hartleb he was sorry for his son’s behavior and he would be punished, including selling the son’s car.

Hartleb said he received numerous replies from people who saw the story and had information about the suspects.

Hartleb told FOX 12 this story has a happy ending and he has decided not to press charges.

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(7) comments


BLACK FATHERS MATTER. Also the first word is variable. Insert ethnicity, race etc.

Frederick Fukov

What's more obnoxious and criminal than the three punks that committed the theft, are Blane's commercials. Have you ever seen this guy on TV? Those ads are brutal. I will say I gotta hand it to the dad for what he did. That's awesome. Selling his boy's car and making him ride the bus for a while?

Randy Marsh: "Nice!"


That's Outrageous!


No crime here, just the Burn Loot Murder crowd restocking.


Funny how you try to draw connections where there are none. I bet you're scared of the dark.

Frederick Fukov

Brazen? Why wouldn't they be when they know the new Malnormal County DA won't do anything to them? Criminals in this town know it's open season on anything they want to steal, anything they want to destroy. They can even get away with assaulting police officers and setting fires to buildings..and nothing will happen to them. Is it any wonder why shootings have doubled in 2020? This is what you get with liberal "defund the police because of George Floyd" policies.


Small businesses are being hit hard by shop lifting, on top of covid, shut downs, vandalism, broken windows and mob rules.

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