WASHINGTON COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Deputies arrested a man early Tuesday morning after they say he tried to rob a cab driver at gunpoint and was later shot through the hip with his own gun.

Josiah Johnson, 18, tried to rob the cab driver after getting picked up in Gresham and asking for ride to the Aloha area, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Due to the long distance, the driver asked Johnson for pre-payment or collateral, so Johnson gave the driver his cell phone, the sheriff's office says.

Once in the Aloha area, the driver stopped at a home near the intersection of Southwest 188th Court and Southwest Farmington Road. Johnson allegedly tried to pay the driver with a fake $100 bill, but the driver immedietly recognized the bill as fraudulent and did not return Johnson's phone, according to investigators.

Johnson then pulled out a gun, pointed it at the back of the driver's head and started yelling at him, but the cab driver couldn't understand, deputies said. The driver told investigators he saw an opportunity to grab the gun, causing a struggle that ended with the gun firing and hitting Johnson. The bullet entered Johnson's left hip and exited out his left buttocks, investigators said.

Johnson and the cab driver exited the car, where the struggle continued. The cab driver at one point during the struggle was able to wrestle the gun away and throw it away from both of them, yelling to neighbors for help.

Community members arrived to help and called 911. Deputies responded at 12:20 a.m. and arrested Johnson at the scene. Johnson was transported to an area hospital, treated for his injuries, and then released. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail, where he faces charges including robbery in the first degree, assault in the fourth degree, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon, criminal possession of a forged instrument in the first degree, and possession of a controlled substance - schedule IV.

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(14) comments

Frederick Fukov

That is AWESOME! Dam man..that cabbie has some cajones.


I guess Hardesty was correct , the police are always picking out blacks to harass and arrest , now this is a great example and I demand justice - get this thug off the streets for good


Quite the heart warming story you got there. The youngster is going to find love in all the wrong places where he's going.


Now that's funny!


Another pea brain, dumb moron. His face just says "Duhhh."


Thank you Fox 12 for finely posting some GOOD NEWS for a change. We needed this story.

Mr Q

play stupid games, win stupid prizes..... what in the Ghetto is up with that duct taped pistol?


He taped 2 magazines back to back so when one is empty he can flip them for a faster reload. If the boy genius doesn't drop them both...


It's unfortunate that he survived.

pb sir

But... all lives matter, right? I doubt that this incident was this guy's "first" offense. In this liberal state, however, any mention of his juvenile criminal record likely won't be able to be brought up in trial, leaving everyone to believe that was just an isolated, spur-of-the-moment "mistake." We will be seeing this individual's mug shot in the future, I can guarantee that.

Eliza Cassan

oh ha, hahaha, straight out of high school and shoots himself in a robbery. Should have studied harder.


I'd highly doubt if this *iggly bear Einstein graduated from high school.hahahahaa


Another 'winner'.


Criminals think they are so smart. This one got shot with his own gun in his bippy. The hard way...

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