SALEM, OR (KPTV) – Megan Everetts Zellick is a proud 2008 McKay High School graduate who has the honor of coaching at the school in Salem alongside her father, her husband and twin sister, and now feels like she has a few new sons.

“When you think of hurdles, you can’t not think of these three,” Everetts Zellick said.

As hurdles coach for the Royal Scots, Everetts Zellick had her own pack on the track.

“I just tried really, really hard to get them to like me because if they like me, they’ll stay, and then I’ll have three hurdlers to celebrate their senior year,” Everetts Zellick said.

Tyrus Love, Troy Skiles, and Abdullah Al-Bustami are from the Class of 2020 and worked under Everetts Zellick’s wing since freshman year.

“We were all really close to Megan,” Al-Bustami said. “She became like our friend who honestly is more of a friend than a coach. We can go to her with our problems in her office. She was like a friend, she was like a mom.”

The biggest hurdle was no senior season for the trio or anyone else in the green, blue and gold.

“Oh man, I sat in the backyard and when I found out, I cried for a while,” Everetts Zellick said. “I called all of them first in case and I think they said they saw it on Snapchat or something, so they knew it was canceled. I cried for a while and I still do sometimes when I just look at pictures of our last season because that was my favorite season and I just get sad.”

“Even though it all sucked because we all had the chance to podium this year for both hurdle events, we are all really sad about that, but there is a lot more in the world going on,” Troy Skiles said.

Everetts Zellick became the mother goose to her own son around the same time Love, Skiles, and Al-Bustami were becoming her boys on the track.

“She’s like the team mom if you think about it, in a sense,” Skiles said. “She is the one person athletes can come to constantly. She has an outgoing personality at times then at times you are also thinking, oh crap, she can be scary.”

Love says their relationship with Everetts Zellick is special.

‘It really became a deeper relationship because at the end of the day, she was my mom,” Love said. “I used to tell her things that my mom didn’t even know about. I’d go to her when I didn’t think I could go to anyone else.”

Memories of their time at McKay are all that remain as all three boys are headed to college, remotely.

“You have to know to accept people no matter what because we come from a diverse community and we come from losing teams and just bad reputations so we really learn to accept each other in a whole new way in the hallways and on the field,” Love said. “You learn to accept everyone because you don’t know what people are going through on a day to day basis.”

“Since we aren’t the best at sports or we aren’t the richest school or all of these things, our friendships are often times the strongest compared to other people, because we don’t have, for example, the materialistic ways of like winning a trophy or something, but I think it’s just genuine friendships all around,” Al-Bustami said. Genuine I think is what it means to be a Scotsman.”

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