Fire zone Huskies rescued

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MULINO, OR (KPTV)- They say a dog is a man’s best friend and with that sentiment in mind a group of people stepped in to help save more than twenty Huskies who were stuck in a Level 3 evacuation zone near Mulino on Sept. 10.

“I just can’t imagine leaving any dogs behind. I have had huskies myself for years and I dogsled and like most mushers I know, we would sooner crouch with our dogs and burn than leave them behind,” Nathan Clements, one of the rescuers, said.

Clements said he heard dogs were unable to get out of the area and went to check it out and arrange a rescue.

“I went down and checked out the property and it probably seemed like the dogs needed some help and wouldn’t be doing too good if they were left behind,” he said.

Clements said there was another group there trying to help the dogs. The two groups combined efforts to get the pups out of harm’s way.

“One by one we managed to crate, and load 24 dogs and we got all in a line together and caravanned over to the state fairgrounds,” he said.

Once they were at the Oregon State Fairgrounds more volunteers met them to get the dogs settled.

“Both from Marion County and the fairgrounds,” Clements said. “They helped us with supplies, with dog food, they set up kennels to put the dogs in overnight.”

The owner was contacted and helped arrange for 16 of the Huskies to stay at the Newberg Animal Shelter.

“This is what we’re here for and it’s really been amazing to watch all of the animal welfare organizations come together to make all of this work and support each other,” Sarah Williams, the manager of the shelter, said.

It’s an outcome that everyone is grateful for.

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