A family's goat stolen from Portland home


A southeast Portland family's goat was stolen from their front yard, and now the family wants to get their pet back.

Penelope, the goat, usually hangs out in the front yard of the family home, but the owner believes someone took his goat Monday morning.

The corner of the Huckaby's front yard near Southeast 122nd and Brookside Drive sits empty.

"My wife was really distraught last night," said Andrew Huckaby, Penelope's owner.

Sometime between 4 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., Penelope went missing from that yard, leaving the family worried.

"Honestly, I'm hoping that it's just a situation of a punk or somebody who got in over their head on a practical joke," added Huckaby.

Penelope isn't your typical pet. She's a Nigerian dwarf goat that is only about two and a half feet tall and weighs about 50 pounds.

"We were going to have her help us clean up a lot of the over growth on the property. Well, it turns out she doesn't want to touch it. After that, we never got rid of her because we just fell in love with her," said Huckaby.

Penelope has been a part of the Huckaby family for almost the last two years, and in that time, she's become sort of their guard goat.

"Her personality, the way she would warm up to people and everything like that makes her much like a guard dog in a lot of ways," said Huckaby.

The family is afraid someone may have taken the goat because they thought she was living in bad conditions.

However; Huckaby says he provides more shelter than is required for a goat, and he says animal control agreed.

"She always has food, always has water. We don't abuse her at all in any way shape or form," said Huckaby.

He says Penelope was tied up and it would have been almost impossible for her to escape because the steel ring was attached to the collar.

"Those were attached with about 20 turns of bailing wire, something I probably couldn't have gotten off easily if I wanted. It would have taken tools, or something for me to get it off," added Huckaby.

The family says all they want is Penelope to come back home. They say if they get their goat back, they won't press charges. If you know where Penelope is, call Portland police.

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