LAKE OSWEGO, OR (KPTV) - Students in the Lake Oswego School District went back to school last week, this time virtually.

“As always, nothing is what it is until you get into the classroom or virtual classroom, until you’re in the thick of it," teacher Molly Durrett said.

Durrett is a third grade teacher at Lake Grove Elementary.

“It’s really good," Durrett said. "It’s definitely a learning curve for everyone. Families, kids, teachers, everybody is really working together and having to work together to make this work."

While the start of school already feels positive, she said technology is the biggest hurdle for her students.

“Especially when kids are independently working on their Zoom calls, what they see, they can’t always necessarily explain or describe," Durrett said. "So, when we’re asking them, I think that’s one of the hardest things. Because usually, we’re behind them, we’re showing them with our fingers or showing them on the screen what to look at, or what button to click and here, we can share our screens, but it’s just different.”

She said technology is a learning curve not just for kids.

“I hope to get better at being able to navigate my way by clicking around even on my home computer of how to share the screen and do it in a quick manner instead of saying, hey hang on and then I’m trying to navigate my own self," Durrett said. "So, it’s teaching me how to do a lot more in the time that I’m given.”

Durrett said she is thankful for one thing.

“As a teacher, you’re really missing the connection piece when you’re in the classroom, but I think what’s surprisingly gone well is I still feel connected," Durrett said.

She says she knows things will only get easier as the days go on.

“I think there’s so many resources to make this work that it’s just allowing ourselves flexibility and the time to get to know the resources," Durrett said. “I used to say one day at a time, and now it’s like, one hour at a time."

Durrett said patience is also key during this time.

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