PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - As shooting deaths across Portland continue to rise, how does the city compare to others across the country?

According to the Portland Police Bureau, there are now 33 gun violence homicides.

There are 42 total presumed homicides and according to PPB, there were four total homicides at this time last year.

The number of shootings overall is at 474, that's more than two times what it was about this time last year.

In Nashville, a city of similar size its police department tells FOX 12 to date there are 51 gun violence homicides.

A look at the numbers: how Portland's gun violence deaths compare to other cities

Image: KPTV

Total homicides in Nashville are at 56.

In Seattle, which is about 100,000 more people, its police department tells FOX 12 there are nine gun violence homicides and 15 homicides total.

So what does this all mean?

FOX 12 will be interviewing with a criminology expert this week to talk more about these trends.

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(8) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

What does this mean? It means that liberals have ruined the city of portland, both from a political standpoint, and a transplant voter standpoint. It also means that Ted Wheeler and Joann Hardesty have no business being in charge of a major city.


Let's just dismantle the police all together the defunding seems to be working!


Accept your high murder rate, Goy


Rather than the total number of homicides, I think the large increase of them over the last couple of years is more important. If Hardesty has her way, you could be seeing that increase even more because of less policing.

Husky Loyalist

It is not "gun" violence. Guns do not decide to do violence. It is the human being that is doing the violence. Guns have no will. Why don't we here "knife violence" or "fist" violence or "club" violence? You don't hear these terms because there is not an agenda to ban them.






It's not the population number you need to look at. It is the population's demographics and gang activity. Nashville city limit has a % of gang activity. Seattle city limit does not. Just FYI.

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