PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - For the third straight night Thursday, a group camped out behind barricades blocking the streets as part of the “Red House” eviction protest in north Portland.

At the same time, there appeared to be conversations happening between protest leaders and city leaders toward some sort of resolution.

One of the activists in Portland working toward that goal is Gary Floyd, the cousin of George Floyd.

Gary Floyd said he has gotten to know the Kinney family, the family that owned and was evicted from the Red House, through his activism in Portland.

“Staying here and doing what we’re doing is the only way to achieve that for the family. There have been tons of discourse, there have been meetings, there have been Zoom calls, there have been city councils, there have been forums. Nothing has worked for the Kinney family,” Gary Floyd told FOX 12 on Thursday night.

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell has expressed safety concerns about the protest, while also stating the goal is for a peaceful resolution.

Red House protest site in north Portland

The Red House in north Portland, where a days-long protest has continued. (KPTV) 

The Portland Police Bureau previously stated people in the group have “stockpiled weapons.”

Gary Floyd addressed that statement.

“There’s no one here that are not without their legal rights to carry. There’s no one here with loaded weapons. There are no bombs in here, there are no Molotov cocktails in here,” he said.

Gabriel Johnson, who founded the “Coalition to Save Portland,” during summer protests after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, said he went to the occupation in north Portland in hopes of helping to bridge the gap between protesters, the city and police.

“I’m just glad that I could link them together and pass some phone numbers along. A little bit of dialogue, so hopefully they’ll be able to come to a peaceful place to resolve this,” Johnson told FOX 12.

Johnson said taking over the street isn’t the way, and he’d like to see more from the city, but Gary Floyd said this is exactly what it takes for the group to get what they want.

“This is what has to be done just to get an ear. This protest has been going on for months now, voices have been screaming out to be heard for years, so we have an ear now and let’s see exactly what they’re willing to hear, because we have so much to say,” he said.

A police presence was not seen in the area of the Red House on Thursday night, and hasn’t been seen since Tuesday morning, when officers and deputies initially tried to clear the area.

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(33) comments

Michelle Robinson

Not a more worthless class of individuals. liberals, socialists, communists, anarchists, activists, and the rest of the fruitcakes.


Why are YOU even here? You're stirring the race pot in a town that you have no business IN! Get out of Dodge NOW!


Well cause Oregon legalized all the good drugs. He is hoping to OD on Fentanyl- you know, family tradition and all.


'Activist, cousin of George Floyd speaks in support of 'Red House' protest in Portland' I'm surprised that the rented ranters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have not shown up to stir the pot.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Who PAID for Floyd's brother to come out here? Who's putting him up? It would be interesting to know where he's staying, and go counter protest THAT location.


You just trust a protest anymore.

Moved on

who is George Floyd.?


Some guy who once threatened a pregnant woman by pointing a gun at her belly..

Huge Fentanyl addict, and OD on the streets of Minnesota after going on a tirade.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Yeah..have you noticed what's happened to Minneapolis? That place might be worse than Portland..if that's possible.


But now a hero because the Media wants it so

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

He's the guy that they're going to rename the Lloyd Center after. They're gonna change it to "The Floyd Center."


A dirtbag!


Floyd was a two bit criminal who got what he deserved. Same goes for all two bit criminals, even those who have black skins. In fact, these guys seem to have more problems obeying our laws than any other color. Civil war is coming.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Geezus H..not that I don't disagree at least to some extent, but were you an extra in the movie "Mississippi Burning?"


Amen brother!

Tyrell Higgs

Just went you thought it could not get more insane. What is 'just' about giving someone a free mortgage? Who is going to pay for it, the rest of us?


Attention attention all minorities come to Portland Oregon their are No laws for you to follow here.... Equality in Liberals eyes just means give me stuff!

Alexander Marinesko

George Floyd of RAM fame (Resisting Arrest Matters)!


Ask Gary if activism pays better than welfare.


He's probably pulling it in from both directions!


When you allow yourself to be duped into thinking this is the way to solve a problem you just make a bad situation worse. THIS IS NOT the way to resolve an issue. It's bullying no matter how you slice it!!!

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Why is no one talking about what put the Kinney family in this position in the first place? One of the Kinney's children..a son..when he was 17, was driving on a suspended license, with no insurance, speeding, blew through a stop sign..T-boned an elderly couple..kiIIed an 83 year old man, and left his widow seriously injured. The family took out a second on the house, and then couldn't afford to pay it back. Where's the justice for the widow who watched her husband die senselessly right in front of her, and all the pain and suffering she had to endure because of it? All of these people who pile on, trying to make themselves look good by joining this "just cause," are a bunch of fools.


That's because the liberals conveniently leave that part out because it doesn't support their agenda. They are lying, disgusting hypocrites.


The Media doesn't give a hoot about the past. They want black stories because it shows they're "concerned"




So does Gary Floyd support, terrorizing all the red house neighbors?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

George Floyd died because he ingested lethal amounts of meth and fentanyl. Another BLM lie, just like Michael Brown in Ferguson. BLM is nothing but a farce. They endorse rioting, looting, arson, and assault on innocent police officers who had nothing to do with slavery, or with alleged wrongs against black suspects. BLM is an anti-American organization, that fosters and encourages allegedly justified lawlessness. Meanwhile, for every one black person kiIIed by a police officer, 275 are kiIIed by other black people. BLM is nothing but a lie.


I'd love to know how many of these idiot liberals actually KNOW the truth about all these people they want us to "say the name" of? Every TV show these days seems to white shame us now. So sick of this garbage!


BLM is not a farce, it's a legit 501c entity that is used as a write down Soros and his Blue wave supporters.


Hey Gary Floyd, these protesters arent activists. They are a bunch of whiney, freeloading losers using “gentrification” as an excuse to act like a bunch of retards. Go home, Gary.


Get a life and shut up


It doesnt matter what color your skin is. If you dont make your mortgage payment your house will be foreclosed. Sorry, thats how life works folks. Im sure these mouth-breathing retards know a lot about residential real estate laws.


Lol. George Floyd’s relative getting involved? This is a joke, right? No one is taking these “woke” freeloading, losers seriously.

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