PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The statewide freeze issued by Gov. Kate Brown expires Thursday, at which time new risk-based COVID-19 guidelines and closures will be implemented for each Oregon county.

There are four risk levels: Lower risk, moderate risk, high risk and extreme risk. The risk levels are assigned to counties based on factors including disease spread and the percent of positive tests.

The risk levels will be assigned to counties by the governor’s office and the Oregon Health Authority, however counties can individually choose to remain at a more restrictive level.


Counties must remain in a risk level for at least two weeks before a level can be lowered. According to health officials, counties must also propose community mitigation measures before receiving a reduced risk level.

Much of the state has been classified as extreme risk. Of Oregon’s 36 counties, 25 will be assigned the highest risk level, including Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Marion counties.

Five counties along the Oregon coast are high risk, two counties in Oregon are moderate and four are lower risk.

Click the map below or follow this link for counties and their risk levels.

Oregon County risk level map

Image: State of Oregon

The risk levels will determine what businesses and activities are closed, whether restaurants can serve customers indoors, as well as how many people can shop in stores, attend church services or gather socially with people from other households.

For example, the difference in risk levels for allowed indoor social gatherings is:

  • Lower risk: Max 10, recommended limit four households
  • Moderate risk: Max 8, recommended limit two households
  • High and Extreme risk: Max 6, recommended limit two households.

For bars and restaurants:

  • Lower risk: Indoor dining at 50% capacity
  • Moderate risk: Indoor dining at 50% capacity or a max of 100
  • High risk: Indoor dining not to exceed 25%
  • Extreme risk: Outdoor dining only, max capacity of 50

Click the image below for all the guidelines based on risk levels.

Oregon businesses, activities by risk level

Oregon businesses, activities by risk level. Graphic from Gov. Kate Brown's office. 

The state of Oregon has published new websites regarding its COVID-19 response, including the status of activities in each county.

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No worries Kate. This is the flu season and you are doing a lot more COVID19 testing, so yes, there will be more confirmed flu cases now. Don't overreact again, as there are still less deaths this year than normal. If you need to quarantine someone, please take care of the elderly and those with underlying respiratory immune deficiencies. Not the entire state of mankind and ruin healthy person's businesses and lives. Enough damage Kate, time for you and your political power trip to go away for good. Go now before Oregon is in complete ruins. Say good-bye Kate...


'After the freeze: Oregon’s COVID-19 risk levels by county and what they mean' <><> Means more of Kate the tyrant's illegal and unconstitutional edicts and mandates which are eagerly & unquestionably lapped up by the obedient sheeple in this state.

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