Micayla N. Martin

Micayla N. Martin, booking photo.

ALBANY, OR (KPTV) – A woman who said she wanted to kill a sheriff was arrested and is facing an attempted murder charge after charging at an Albany police office while armed with a knife, according to law enforcement.

Micayla N. Martin, 23, of Albany, was lodged at the Linn County Jail, where she is facing charges including attempted murder, three counts of attempted assault in the first degree, five counts of menacing, and three counts of attempted assault on a peace officer.

Police say the incident began on Monday after the woman called police. The woman was walking in the area of Southwest Marten Avenue and Chinook and told dispatch that she was in front of a sheriff deputy’s house and was going to kill him, according to law enforcement.

Police confirmed that Martin was in front of a Linn County deputy’s home armed with a knife and wanted police to shoot her.

Officers responded and found Martin standing on the sidewalk holding her knife. She charged one of the officers from a half-block away and refused to obey officers’ orders to stop, according to authorities.

The officer Martin was charging at shot her with a less-lethal 40 mm impact weapon, which caused her to stumble and fall within 10 feet of another officer, according to law enforcement.

Officers used a stun gun on Martin when they say she tried to get up while still armed with the knife, allowing officers to remove the knife and take her into custody.

Martin after the incident was transported to Samaritan Albany General Hospital and was treated for minor injuries and underwent a mental health evaluation.

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(8) comments

Sun Tzu

Another contestant on the 'Not Real Bright' show.


Female privilege


Whatever happened to the police baton? Used correctly, this type of situation could be dealt with quickly and effectively without fussing around with stun guns and beanbag guns.

Terrell Higgs

You don't match or level down your form of engagement. A knife can kill very easily at close range, a baton might be able subdue the person but at a high risk. That's why usually police shoot someone holding a knife, in this case they shot her with beanbags.


If a man threatened to kill a sheriff and then charged at officers with a knife, that man would be DEAD.

Frederick Fukov

Ya know..that's a great point. Should we men file a class action lawsuit, demanding that this women be kiIIed?


And the killer should be sent to prison period !!!!


Not necessarily. In Portland, sure, but Albany, Corvallis, Eugene. Not necessarily. Those jurisdictions aren't so trigger happy as PPB is.

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