PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - COVID-19 continues to grow and spread globally, and so does discrimination.

In Portland, restaurants have taken a hit, and just on Friday, local representatives hosted a round table discussion to hear how it’s affected the Asian American community.

Health officials have addressed that viruses don’t discriminate, but still, Asian-Americans across the country continue to be targeted because of misconceptions about the coronavirus.

“Discrimination may not have changed, but may have just surfaced more prominently,” Helen Ying, who serves on the board of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance: Portland Lodge, said. 

Ying is also a national leader in the Chinese American community.

“Racism is deep," Ying said. "It goes way back in the United States history. It’s not new."

Ying says ignorance is playing a big part in why negative stereotypes continue to spread. Nationally, she says, the harassment is escalating.

Ying says a Chinese American business owner in San Antonio, Texas, was attacked two weeks ago. Another person was verbally harassed while they were at a hospital to visit a dying loved one, she says.

“To be confronted by somebody who did not know them, and just because of their skin," Ying said. "To make those kinds of remarks … it’s just so out of place. We have to know that we are all connected. We can’t just point our finger at someone else and think things are gonna go away.”

Ying says racial discrimination will only continue to get worse unless everybody chips in, learns the facts, and helps educate people around them.

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(7) comments


Discrimination was never gone. It's a pipe dream. Political Correctness just keeps people quiet.

Terrell Higgs

Maybe next time the media will call it the viking-flu in order to spread the hate


That's silly. No virus can withstand hot Chinese food.


Impossible, we all know liberals aren’t racists...hypocrites yes but racist, no!


Um...it said people in Texas assaulted an Asian American business owner. And another Texas person in a hospital. Texas....where mostly conservatives are. The rest of us liberals are still enjoying Corona beer and eating Chinese food since we are not racist. Who are liberals racist against, exactly? Because they do not agree with you, that makes them racist? Sure buddy.


A wonderful Chinese restaurant opened up at Sunnyview and Lancaster in Salem Or. It was doing very good business. Now the virus hits and they are struggling, I don't understand American mentality.

Kenny Rogers

Not every American has that mentality. That type of generalization is no better than the gross ignorance of people judging the Asian community.

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