SALEM, OR (KPTV) - An anti-vaccine rally was held outside the Oregon State Capitol building Wednesday.

The event was advertised as a vigil. Speakers included state senators and author Naomi Wolf, who was just banned from Twitter for spreading vaccine misinformation.

More than one hundred people showed up to the event, which took place at the Capitol Mall. Speakers took turns sharing their experiences with how the COVID-19 restrictions and vaccines have negatively impacted their lives.

Wolf was scheduled to speak at the event, which also included speeches ranging from children to two state senators. Many speakers spoke out against the vaccine.

Doctors say that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and that they encourage all who are able to get it.

Senator Kim Thatcher, who has introduced legislation to ban “vaccine passports,” spoke about fighting COVID-19 restrictions. State Senator Dennis Linthicum also spoke at the event.

Anti-vaccine rally held at state capitol

Image: KPTV

“And so at some point, what I trust in is your parenthood, your common sense, your virtue and your understanding and more important than all of that is your liberty. Your freedom belongs to you and the state should never curtail your freedom,” Linthicum said.

Currently businesses in Oregon are required to check for vaccine status for vaccinated guests to be able to go maskless. Speakers encouraged businesses to defy these orders.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has said these restrictions will be lifted when the state reaches a 70% vaccination mark.

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(3) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Kate Brown and other tyrannical liberals who infest state capitol governors' offices, have far exceeded their authority and power. They violate the US and state constitutions with impunity. The egos and collective arrogance of these sub-humans is just mind numbing.


You would think people want to perpetuate Covid -


'Oregon Governor Kate Brown has said these restrictions will be lifted when the state reaches a 70% vaccination mark.' Then when it does hit 79%, the tyrant queen will say the restrictions will remain in place until the state hits 75%, then 80%, etc. In other words as long as her regime lasts, the restrictions will remain.

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