PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many businesses to close their doors, thousands of Portland workers don’t know when they’ll get their next paycheck. So, one apartment company is trying to give them a little peace of mind as the first of the month approaches.

EkoLiving Apartments says starting in April and through the duration of coronavirus crisis, tenants who have been financially impacted can get 25 percent off their rent.

“The owner, Mark, he actually has experienced a similar situation in 2009 where he was dealing with some hardships and he was dealing with the fear and stress involved with that, and he said we should move forward in a way that was handling things with compassion,” said EkoLiving spokeswoman Jessica Edsall.

She says the company knows that many people are scrambling just trying to make ends meet.

“It’s a lot less reliable than it has been before,” she said.

But EkoLiving says they don’t want rent relief to be something special just for their tenants. They want landlords all over the city to follow their lead.

“The more companies that can join in with us doing this, the less pressure it’s going to be on the citizens of Portland and Vancouver,” Edsall said.

Edsall says that some landlords have been reaching out to EkoLiving to get help with structuring their own rent relief program. Now, the company just hopes that even more landlords will do the same.

Edsall says while the crisis will continue to impact millions of lives, we have to work together in this time of need.

“Any time bad things happen, any time the community rallies together, a lot of amazing things happen,” she said.

So far, EkoLiving says about 100 tenants have taken advantage of rent relief. They don’t expect the number will stop there.

So until the day when this is all over and things return to normal, EkoLiving says to continue lifting each other up and helping those in need.

“That’s incredible to me. It’s super inspiring. It makes me really happy,” said Edsall.

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Native Born

As a property manager of a tri-plex in the Hillsboro area we cannot afford to do that! Is the city going cut their utilities and property taxes 25%? We bet not. Is PGE going to cut bill by 25% ? We bet they will not. How about the insurance company and the school district taxes and Metro? None of those entities will cut anything by 25% so we can`t either.

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